Cryptic Word Searches #2

Our second volume of Cryptic Word Searches is now available. Like volume #1, each puzzle has thirty cryptic crossword clues - clues that combine tricky wordplay with the definition. Each answer is then placed in a word search grid. A hidden phrase relates to the puzzle's title - which is itself given as a cryptic clue. We've also added some new tricks for the word search itself, including answers that interlock, special characters and other fun tricks.

We've even added Cryptic Sudokus! These are Trividoku style puzzles where nine of the digits in the grid can be discovered if you match a cryptic clue with its answer.

Cryptic Word Searches #1

Cryptic Word searches combines the cleverness of a cryptic crossword puzzle with the simplicity of a word search.

In a normal word search, you're given a list of words and then circle them in a grid.

In a cryptic word search, you are given a series of clues, like crossword puzzle clues only constructed differently. Each cryptic crossword clue has two parts to it: wordplay and a definition.

For example,

Wolf returns to emergency room with a rose (6)

In this example, we're looking for a six letter word "(6)". The definition in this case is "a rose" and the wordplay is to take the word "wolf", turn it around and put the abbreviation for emergency room after it, giving you "flower".

Cryptic Word Searches contains forty different themed puzzles. Each puzzle's title, again presented as a cryptic clue, helps you discover the theme to the puzzle. We've also put in a few different variations to keep you on your toes.