Privacy Policy effective April 11, 2016.

The web server uses cookies to track your current session, but no personal identification is stored if you are simply browsing the site.

With the exception of standard web server access logs which track your incoming IP address, date and time and pages accessed, no personal information is requested from you or maintained for any reason without your knowledge and consent.

If you register on our forums site in order to post responses, your email address, the name you give and information about your logins (date, time and IP address) are stored. By registering on the site you consent to this. This information is used solely for the maintenance of the forum subsystem.

If you use the contact form to contact us we will only use your email in regards to your request; your email will not be shared with any third party.

Any changes to this policy that would result in a less-strict policy in regards to your personal information stored on the system will be made on an opt-in basis only.