In mid-1999 we started another project for Genuity, a networking company. The goal of the project was for them to be the middleman in DSL provisioning. Effective a customer would purchase DSL service from their ISP. That ISP would then communicate to Genuity that the service was to be installed and then Genuity (via Flying Duck) would contact the local phone company (the “LEC”, local exchange company) to get the service installed.

The system we developed had a front end that written in JavaScript under Windows ASP which allowed a customer service representative at the ISP to place an order for service. We would then determine the local service provider and determine the level of service available. Communications between the representative dealing with the customer, Genuity and the LEC were all provided by our system.

There were numerous complications particularly since no two LECs had the same format for requests. Genuity had wanted to gain the market share to be the sole interface between multiple ISPs and the LECs but that goal was never reached. The project was discontinued in 2002.