Flying Duck Computer started off as the sole proprietorship Flying Duck Software in San Diego, CA back in 1979. After the founder, Matt Mayfield, worked for a few years at Kaypro corporation, the company changed names to Flying Duck Computer - mainly because FDS sounded too much like a florist.

After several years working primarily in device drivers (the parts of the operating system that communicate with disk drives, for example) on microcomputers, FDC started providing services to Xscribe (a maker of computer assisted stenography transcription), Emerald systems (a manufacturer of tape drives) and FoodMaker (corporate owners of Jack in the Box).

Moving to Colorado in the early 1990s, Flying Duck incorporated and began working with GTE labs for various telecommunications ordering, provisioning and billing systems. This work expanded over the years. We also added in work in conjunction with various board and card game related companies over the years, providing web and database support.